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Small Boat Trailer Leaf Spring

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Part NO. DN-4-2 Paint Electrophoretic Paint
Spec. 50*6/7/15 Model Small Spring
Material 60Si2Mn MOQ 50 SETS
Free Arch Main128±6mm,Helper15±5mm Development Length 995
Weight 11.4 KG Total PCS 4 PCS
Deliver Time 15-30 days Warranty 12 months

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Small  Boat Trailer Leaf Spring

Technology Advantage

The item total has 4 pcs, the raw material size is 50*7 for the first and the second, the third is 50*6, the fourth is 50*15. Raw material kind is 60Si2Mn (SUP7). The main free arch is 128±6mm, the auxiliary free arch is 15±5mm, the development length is 995, the centre hole is 8.5. The first leaf spring has two eyes, the size is ø45 and ø30, and uses Rubber Compound Bushing. The third and the fourth all have one clamp. The fourth has taper. Our leaf spring uses Electrophoretic Paint, they are more safe and environmental protection、economical、convenient and efficient.

The advantages of our factory

Leaf Spring is one of the most widely used elastic components in automobile suspension. It is composed of a number of alloy spring pieces of equal width but not equal length (thickness can be equal, also can not be equal), which is composed of an elastic beam of approximately equal strength.

The number of plates is related to the weight of the supporting bus. The more the plates are, the thicker and shorter the spring rigidity is. However, when leaf springs are used for a long time, they can slip and rub against each other, creating noise. The relative friction between steel plates can also cause spring deformation, resulting in uneven driving.

Advantages are simple structure, reliable work, low cost, convenient maintenance. It is not only the elastic element of suspension, but also the guiding device of suspension.

We are very strict about quality

1) Raw matrail .
Thickness less than 20mm. We use material SUP9
Thickness from 20-30mm.We use material 50CRVA
Thickness more than 30mm. We use material 51CRV4
Thickness more than 50mm. We choose 52CrMoV4 as the raw material
2) Quchenging Process
We strickly controled the steel temeprure around 800 degree.
we swing the spring in the qenching oil among 10 seconds according to the spring thickness.
3)Shot Peening.
Each assmembing spring set under stress peening .
Fatigue test can reach over 150000 cycus
4) Electrophoretic paint
Each item use electrophoretic paint
Salt spray testing reach 500hours

Production Process

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