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Pickup Truck Leaf Springs for SUV and Van, aftermarket Replacement

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Part NO. Bolin Eye Spring Paint Electrophoretic Paint
Spec. 60*9/15 Model Pick-up
Material 60Si2Mn MOQ 50 SETS
Free Arch 主131±6mm,付10±1mm Development Length 1415
Weight 41.7KG Total PCS 7 PCS
Deliver Time 15-30 days Warranty 12 months

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Technology Advantage

The item total has 7 pcs, the raw material size is 60*9 form the first to the fourth, the fifth、the sixth and the seventh is 60*15. Raw material kind is 60Si2Mn (SUP7). The main free arch is 131±6mm, the auxiliary free arch is 10±1mm, the development length is 1415, the center hole is 10.5. The first spring has two eyes, the size is ø39.5, using four Compound Bushings. Leaf spring No.4 punches for rivet and there are two clips it. Form the third to the seventh have end tapered and trimmed. Our leaf spring uses Electrophoretic Paint, they are more safe and environmental protection、economical、convenient and efficient.

The advantages of our factory

1.We usually use pallet packing. Place the product on the pallet, secure it with safety rope and wrap it with stretch film, so as to secure and prevent dust. If you have other needs, you can customize according to your requirements.

2.We have many years of experience in manufacturing leaf spring. Our experienced technicians can tell just by looking at the vehicle whether or not it requires leaf spring replacement.

3. We can put the leaf springs together or straighten them out. Our technicians ensure the vehicle is at the standard height by using the proper tools. The leaf spring replacement services include complete inspection, installation, and replacement of the leaf springs.

Graded stiffness leaf spring

The spring assembly is composed of the main and auxiliary springs. The secondary spring is generally placed under the main spring, consisting of one or two variable section springs. The main spring can be more or less pieces of variable section springs. The secondary spring gradually acts as the load changes.

The leaf spring with gradual stiffness is mainly used for the rear suspension of light trucks and vans.

We are very strict about quality

1) Raw matrail .
Thickness less than 20mm. We use material SUP9
Thickness from 20-30mm.We use material 50CRVA
Thickness more than 30mm. We use material 51CRV4
Thickness more than 50mm. We choose 52CrMoV4 as the raw material
2) Quchenging Process
We strickly controled the steel temeprure around 800 degree.
we swing the spring in the qenching oil among 10 seconds according to the spring thickness.
3)Shot Peening.
Each assmembing spring set under stress peening .
Fatigue test can reach over 150000 cycus
4) Electrophoretic paint
Each item use electrophoretic paint
Salt spray testing reach 500hours

Production Process

Bogie Spring (4)

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