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Pickup Truck Leaf Springs for SUV and Van, aftermarket Replacement

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Part NO. MER 412D-3373700 Paint Electrophoretic Paint
Spec. 70*12/15/28 Model Pick-Up Leaf Spring
Material SUP9 MOQ 50 SETS
Free Arch Main157±5mm,Helper 8±3mm Development Length 1490
Weight 34.8KG Total PCS 3 PCS
Deliver Time 15-30 days Warranty 12 months

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Technology Advantage

The item total has 3 pcs, the raw material size is 70*12 for the first, the second is 70*15, the third is 70*28. Raw material kind is 51CrV4. The main free arch is 157±5mm, the auxiliary free arch is 8±3mm, the development length is 1490, the center hole is 10.5. The first spring has two eyes, the size is ø46 and ø36, and use Rubber Compound Bushing. The second and third spring have end tapered. Anti-friction pad install both ends for the second spring. The assy also has flat area, the length is 130. Our leaf spring uses Electrophoretic Paint, they are more safe and environmental protection、economical、convenient and efficient.

Pickup truck is an important part of the automobile market. Pick up is a kind of car model with car front and cab and open truck compartment. It is characterized by both car like comfort and strong power without losing power, and is stronger than the car's ability to carry goods and adapt to poor roads. The most common pickup truck is the double row seat pickup truck. Pickup trucks can be used not only as special vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, official vehicles and business vehicles, but also as household vehicles for carrying goods, tourism, leasing, etc. The so-called "pickup" is a hybrid of cars and trucks. With the expansion of the scale of refitting enthusiasts, pickup truck refitting has increasingly become a favorite category of refitting enthusiasts. Pickup trucks sell well in the United States.

In the 1920s, pickup truck products first appeared in the United States. It is a very practical and common means of transportation in the United States, and deeply loved by Americans. It is the symbol of American modern cowboy culture. With the prosperity of American pickup truck market, pickup truck also extends to other parts of the world.

Classification of leaf springs

A. According to the installation position of the leaf spring: front spring, rear spring, pay spring; left spring, right spring;
B. According to the function of the leaf spring, it is divided into main spring and auxiliary spring;
C. According to the properties of plate springs:
Multiple leaf spring: also called equal section spring;
Less leaf spring: also called variable section spring;
Composite spring: two-stage stiffness composite spring (the main spring under the deputy spring), gradual stiffness composite spring (the main spring in the deputy spring above);
Other springs: non-metallic springs made of high strength resin fibres.

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