The Mayor of Nanchang Huang Xizhong and his delegation visited Yuancheng Company for research

In the afternoon of November 12, the mayor of Nanchang Huang Xizhong was accompanied by deputy director of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee Huang Xiaohua and director of the Research Office of the Municipal Government Li Xusheng and other leaders to Jiangxi Yuancheng for investigation, understanding of innovation and development of enterprise in new energy automobile industry chain, to promote industry’s achievements in the process of progress. The chairman of Jiangxi Yuancheng Wang Yuanqing accompanied the mayor Huang to visit and provide a detailed introduction.

The mayor Huang and his delegation visited the product exhibition hall, technology research and development room and air suspension production workshop of Yuancheng Group. During the investigation, the mayor Huang Xizhong listened carefully to the chairman Wang Yuanqing’s detailed introduction on the performance of auto parts products, the current production capacity development state of the factory and the enterprise’s five-year plan in the future. After having a certain understanding of our company’s auto parts products and the production development trend of the factory, the mayor Huang affirmed the contribution of Yuancheng Company in promoting the economic development of the new energy automobile industry, and also put forward some suggestions and opinions, hoping that the company could be further promoted in the future development.

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The mayor Huang pointed out that as a new industry of municipal economic development, the development and growth of new energy automobile cannot be separated from the support of relevant enterprises, and the development of new industry, technological innovation and talent introduction is the key; he is hoped that Yuancheng will vigorously develop independent innovation, continue to follow the road of technological innovation to drive enterprise development, increase investment in scientific research, do a good job in introducing talents, improve the ability of independent innovation, constantly stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological innovation, create an environment for the economic development of new automobile industry, and promote the high-quality leapfrog development of municipal economy.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Yuancheng has received strong support from the Municipal Party Committee and government、the Xinjian county and the park government in terms of resuming work and production, tax relief and enterprise subsidies, etc. The production of the company has returned to normal, and the orders and sales volume have gradually picked up and shown an increasing trend. Yuancheng company will not live up to the enterprise’s support and expectations of the municipal leaders , will continue to promote the development of enterprise production, do a good job in the introducing talents and training of enterprise talent plan, further enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, improve the position in the industry, expand the brand influence of the enterprise, help the development of the automobile industry.

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Post time: Feb-23-2021