The difference between electrophoretic spray paint and ordinary spray paint

The rapid development of China’s machinery industry has made the quality of the whole vehicle better and better. The safety, environmental protection and the diversified individuality demand of the consumers for the vehicle make the comprehensive ability requirement of the whole vehicle factory to the auto parts supplier more and more high. So for the automobile chassis accessories leaf spring, its production process and what innovation to upgrade it? Today we talk about the surface protection technology of automobile leaf spring — electrophoretic spray paint technology.

What is electrophoretic spray paint technology?
Electrophoretic spray paint technology is a special method of film formation, in which the coating is used as the cathode, the electrophoretic coating used is a cationic (positively charged) one, in which the conductive coating is dipped into a tank filled with water diluted electrophoretic coating of low concentration as the cathode and a corresponding anode is arranged in the tank, a coating method in which a uniform, water-insoluble film is deposited on a coating by passing a direct current between two electrodes.

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What is the function of electrophoretic spray paint?
1. Improve the surface coating quality of leaf spring, not easy to rust;
2, Improve the utilization rate of coating, reduce the production cost of enterprises;
3, Improve the working environment of the workshop, reduce the production pollution;
4, High degree of automation, improve workshop production efficiency;
5, Flow operation controllability, reduce production errors.

Our company use fully automatic leaf spring electrophoresis line assembly workshop in 2017 years, a total cost of $1.5 million dollars, the full-automatic production workshop of electrophoresis spray paint line not only meets the customer’s needs in the production efficiency of leaf springs, but also provides a more powerful guarantee in the quality of leaf springs.

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Post time: Feb-23-2021