Honor witness strength! Jiangxi Yuancheng was awarded as an excellent cooperative supplier of Foton Forland Business Unit

On December 11, 2020, Foton Motor Group 2021 Global Partners Conference Forland Businese Unit was held in Xi’an, the representatives of Foton dealers、suppliers and well-known auto parts enterprises from all over the country attended the conference, JIANGXI YUANCHENG AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ( as the subsidiary of Yuancheng Group, the following is referred to as “Yuancheng Group”) won the award of “excellent supplier and win-win cooperation”.

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The award of excellent supplier is not only the recognition of the friendly cooperation between the two sides of the enterprises, but also the affirmation of the cooperation strength of Yuancheng Group. Facing the challenge of 2020, the rapidly change in market environment, high quality products from customers’demand are the test of strength of the enterprises, Yuancheng Group aims of research and development of the innovation of leaf spring auto parts’quality, to provide customers with high security、high reliability、economical、lightweight auto parts and high quality technical services, they got cooperative customers’ trust and recognition.

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Behind every honor is Yuancheng’s self-witness of continuous progress and improvement, as well as a source of lasting confidence in pursuit of excellence and perfection.
In the future work, Yuancheng Group will double cherish each cooperation opportunity, focus on the quality of products and technical services, to maximize the strength of Yuancheng advantages, to provide each customer with higher quality products and more perfect technical services.

Post time: Feb-23-2021